Purchase hi-speed data by credit card with Traveltech APP!

You can purchase extra data by your credit card.
Please make payment with your credit card.

Extra Data Price

100MB,500MB,1GB,3GB SIM

Data 300MB 500MB
price ¥ 1,000 ¥ 1,500
Extended expiration date 7 days 7 days

Unlimited SIM

Data 100MB 1GB
Price ¥ 3,000 ¥ 4,500
Extended expiration date 7 days 7 days

About recharge

Card Brand

The following credit cards are available for purchase.


Extended expiration date for 7 days

Recharging extends the expiration date for 7 days.

Recharge for unlimited SIM card

Unlimited SIM card includes 100MB of hi-speed data per day then set to standard speed. You can get hi-speed data by recharge.