Refundable Deposit

Return the SIM in the self-addressed envelope for the ¥1280 deposit refund.

Deposit (refund) process

1. Order

Please pay the fee of deposit with credit card. At this time money will not be withdrawn from the card.

2. Recieve a SIM

Please confirm the reply envelope included in the package and enjoy travel and communication

3. After use

Please insert a used SIM card in the return envelope and post it to the post office near you


4. Refund

After checking return of SIM card by us, we will subtract ¥ 1,280 from the amount paid at the time of purchase.


1. If refunds before your credit card closing day.

We refund your deposit to your credit card account.

*Even if refunds before the closing date of your card's claim,some credit cards may be refunded after payment has been withdrawn once.

2. If refunds after your credit card closing day.

We refund your deposit at a later date to your credit card account after the billing amount has been withdrawn in full.

*Depending on the date of credit card closing, it may take 1 to 2 months before refund. We can not examine the closing date and payment date (account transfer date) of each credit card company. For details of refunds / claims, please check with your credit card statement.

If the SIM card can not be returned within one week after expiration of the SIM card, deposits can not be refunded.