Pre Purchase

How do I select the best plan?

There are two types of usage plans for Traveltech SIM cards. Limited and Unlimited Plans.

Limited Plans: 500MB (6 days), 1GB (14 days) & 3GB (14 days).
Unlimited Plans: 6 & 14 days.

Unlimited Plans feature 100MB of hi-speed (2Mbps) data per day which resets at GMT+9 each day. If you use more than 100MB the transfer speed is set to standard (128kbps) which is comfortable for browsing, email and chat.

No matter which option you choose, a Limited Plan or an Unlimited Plan, you can charge the usable data amount via Traveltech APP. Once you charge the data amount, the usage period will be automatically extend for 7 days.

No matter which option you choose, a Limited Plan or an Unlimited Plan, it is possible to recharge hi-speed (2Mbps) data amount via Traveltech App. If your stay in Japan is in between 6~14 days or over 14 days, it is possible to extend the usage period by recharging so that there is no need to buy more than one SIM card!

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Traveltech SIM customer service by e-mail.

How much does it cost to recharge?

When you recharge your data will be hi-speed (2Mbps) and your usage period will be extended by an extra 7 days.

For Limited Plans the recharge amount is 300MB for 1000 yen or 500 MB for 1500 yen.

For Unlimited Plans, pricing is 100MB for 3000 yen and 1GB for 4500 yen. Each charge equips you with additional hi-speed data and extends your unlimited plan for an additional 7 days. A higher rate is charged due to the extention of the unlimited data for the extra 7 days.

Is the network in 4G LTE?

Traveltech SIM cards use the NTT DOCOMO network - the largest in Japan. You can receive a 4G LTE signal in all cities and populated areas. You can check the coverage map to know the strength of the signal in any area of Japan.

What is hi-speed and standard speed?

Hi-speed means the maximum of bits per second is 2 Megabytes, and the standard is 128 kilo-bits-per-second.

Will the speed be transferred to standard once the usable data amount is over?

For Limited Plan, once the usable data amount is over without recharging, the SIM card itself can no longer be used until it is recharged.

For Unlimited Plan, once the daily 100MB hi-speed (2Mbps) data amount counting from GMT+9 has been used, it will be set to standard speed (128kbps) automatically and then reset the following day.

Purchase & Pick-up

How to purchase?

Go to Traveltech SIM card homepage and click the bottom of Order. Please order via our order form. You will receive a confirm e-mail once the order is successful.

Traveltechlab will send the package tracking number after delivery. You can track the position of your order via Japan Post package tracking system.

Please download Traveltech APP via Apple Store or Google Play before your flight. With Traveltech APP, it is much easier to activate the account.

Why do I have to order five days before the pick-up day? I need to order in less than 5 days; may I order?

We are sorry to say that we need at least 5 days for shipping. Sorry for the inconvenience.

May I change my order after purchase?

Yes, you can contact Traveltech SIM customer service to change the pick-up date as long as it is more than five days before your pick-up date.

Is there any other method for payment?

We are sorry that we only have online payment via credit cards currently.

Why can't the SIM cards be delivered to my home country directly?

In order to make sure that every delivery is on time, we only provide shipping to locations within Japan.

How do I pick-up my order at the airport?

Traveltechlab will send your order to the post office of the airport directly. Please go to the counter of the post office with your passport and the package tracking number.

Before choosing to pick-up your order at the airport, please check the office hours of the post office in the airport. If your landing time is outside post office hours, please choose another place as a delivery destination.

Where else can I pick-up my order beside the airport?

You can choose any places in Japan (for instance, hotel, hostel, guesthouse, Airbnb, etc.) as the delivery destination. Please leave down the address and the addressee.

If I cannot pick-up at the airport, what happens if I don't have the internet with me on the way to the hotel?

We are sorry about that. Please search the route and the transportation on the way to hotel beforehand or use the free wi-fi provided by the airport or the station.

Post Purchase

How do I install the Traveltech SIM Card?

Please download Traveltech APP from Apple Store or Google Play. After inserting the SIM card, open the Traveltech APP and follow the steps to install.

For Android system users, the APN settings can be installed manually by the following steps.

[Setting] → [Wireless and network] → [Mobile networks] → [Access Point Names] → [New APN] → [Edit access point]
Proxy:Not set
Port:Not set
Username:Not set
Password:Not set
Server:Not set

MMS port:Not set
MMS proxy:WAP 2.0
Authentication type:None
APN type:default
APN protocol:IPv4
APN roam protocol:IPv4
APN enable/disable:APN enabled
Bearer:Not set
What should I do in the case I discover the item I received is different from what I have ordered?

Please contact Traveltechlab by e-mail or Facebook message, we will deal with it at once.

What should I do if it cannot connect?

Please contact Traveltech SIM customer service as soon as possible once the SIM card cannot connect.

For iOS system user, please record and inform the message popped up from the Traveltech APP while contacting Traveltech SIM customer service.

For Android device user, please check the APN setting once again. While contacting Traveltech SIM customer service, please send the screenshot of the APN setting at the same time.

For Android dual SIM card device, please remove the original SIM card and insert Traveltech SIM card only, and check the APN setting once again.

What should I do if the SIM card suddenly cannot connect?

Please contact Traveltechlab by e-mail or Facebook message, we will deal with it at once.